My mission is to use data visualization to reveal new business insights.

Where the Journey Began

An Ohio native, I moved to Colorado Springs for graduate school and never looked back. My love of the Colorado people and lifestyle has kept me here for decades. Working with the Colorado Department of Corrections and holding multiple titles over 20+ years, I noticed that people sought engaging, simplified data that delivered the message faster. In essence, I recognized that how we communicate data was changing.

Making Data Visual

Armed with my training and experience in classical and traditional research approaches, I faced the challenge of turning complex data into simple, easy-to-understand data visualizations to make them accessible to a broader audience. I realized that if the data is more accessible, it will be trusted and relied on, and ultimately there will be more improvements in the workplace. With my zest for sharing data, I created interactive visualizations because of their ability to engage users and make real change.

a computer with analytics on the screen

The A-ha Moment

In meeting after meeting, I watched how stakeholders would have the ‘a-ha moment’ when I delivered customized data visualizations and dashboards. There was more energy in the room, ideas were exchanged, and I noticed how they had sudden clarity to enhance performance and productivity – all because of how the data was formatted. This was my ‘a-ha moment’ too – because I knew then that I could turn my passion for data visualization into a business and help people simultaneously.  

Healthier Communities

This journey has brought me to where I am today – the founder of Elevation Research – named after my love of the mountains and favorite place in Colorado – Pikes Peak. I have taken my drive to work in the people industry and combined it with the artistry of data visualization. By focusing on areas designed to create healthier communities, I help entities involved in population health, mental health, higher education, and government services. Using my decades of public service experience building viable reporting and business intelligence systems and my knowledge of human and community service work, I have found the perfect blend of community, data, and making a difference. 


Are you ready to see your data in a new way?


The Peak of Data Visualization