Data Storytelling Services

How Data Visualization & Analytics
Benefit Your Business

Elevation Research helps Colorado organizations better understand their performance levels by presenting their data in an easy-to-understand, visual format. These tools help you improve your organization’s performance while also helping you tell a well-rounded story to potential
stakeholders. Stakeholders are more likely to support your organization when they have clarity on the overall picture while seeing past performance and how you’re expected to perform in the future. Plus, you’ll have a better understanding of how to steer your agency in the right direction by utilizing these tools during your decision-making process. Even in an unpredictable climate, you’ll have the knowledge to help you pinpoint trends for more success.

Investing in data visualizations and analytics has a variety of benefits, including:

Data Visualization

Seeing your data visually removes the mystery of what’s trending, hidden patterns, and how to forecast the future. With 10+ years of experience using Tableau, the best data visualization software on the market, I can transform complex data and make it more accessible using visual elements such as graphs, maps, and charts.

You will have a clear and concise way to visually present data to a broader audience without navigating through pages and pages of cryptic data to seek answers and tell your company story.

Interactive Dashboards

By offering interactive dashboards, you, your staff, and any stakeholder can engage with your data in one location without considering the underlying data sources. Whether connecting to a simple spreadsheet on your network or a cloud-based data warehouse containing relational data, it’s all there to see. Tableau links to raw data or data you’ve already summarized, such as numbers, dates/times, or geographical coordinates.

Filters and drill-down interactivity allows for more exploration to answer essential business questions or take a deeper dive. Your dashboard provides more transparency, while making users blind to the raw data and protecting the privacy of your clients.


Whether you need descriptive statistics to summarize your operations or predictive analytics to forecast future scenarios, exploring your data will strengthen your vantage point. We find trends to guide your business decisions by analyzing your raw data, preparing the dataset for analysis, and exploring the data to discover patterns and anomalies, check assumptions, and test hypotheses.

We partner with you to identify the data needed to achieve your research goals and develop a process to collect it, addressing any challenges in extracting it from your system. Results are then interpreted to portray findings to your team and stakeholders accurately.


We collaborate on writing reports so your audience sees the value of your initiatives by creating visual presentations, embedding graphs/analytics, or writing entire research papers. Stakeholders want to understand baseline metrics before investing in a program, and background research can offer compelling evidence of the need for your services. Sharing performance metrics on funded projects is vital for transparency and accountability of government and community programs. 

Our experience conducting literature reviews, obtaining grant funding, peer-reviewing federal grant submissions, and publishing journal articles can strengthen your proposals, grant requirements, and annual reports.