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As an expert in data visualizations and dashboards, Elevation Research has been able to help Colorado companies in various industries form a thorough understanding of their organization’s operations. Elevation Research is passionate about helping you visually tell the story of your company and providing you with the tools you need to help your company thrive.

Visual data storytelling is a great way of creating a snapshot of a variety of elements that are crucial to your success as a company, whether that includes the productivity levels of individual teams, the graduation rate of students, how many people purchase from your e-commerce website each day, or the percentage of turnover in your Colorado company. No matter what data you want to extract and have easy access to, Elevation Research can create unique data visualizations and dashboards so you can easily access company data and share it with others.

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A Survey taken of a Colorado County to evaluate performance metrics of each department. 

Colorado Springs Cycling Club

Members of the Colorado Springs Cycling Club were asked to take a survey to better understand how they would like to engage with the club in the upcoming year.